About This Thing

This is not a Club!
There is no joining, no membership. I registered a domain because a few people showed an interest in the Heat Maps I made and I wanted an easy URL to tell them rather some long URL to my personal website, and I registered the .CLUB domain because it only cost me $1.65 to register it for the first year, ok? :-)

I used to play Keno fairly regular and often wondered how I could get stats on past draws, and what came up yesterday at this time or last week at this time. Stuff like that but had no idea how to do it. The lottery once had an RSS feed but that has been gone for years, why I have no idea. During a different project I learned something and realized that was a solution to the heat map problem and decided to give it a shot. And thus sprang OregonKeno.Club

I am open to your comments.